The Director

I’ve written, produced and directed more than 50 documentaries, most of them for distribution on television networks. PBS, Discovery, A & E, HBO, ABC, MSNBC and more. See my web site for a complete list and more on my background,  While it’s great to reach millions of viewers on network television to educate the general public, I get really excited when I can reach people more directly via an extended outreach campaign.

Like most documentary filmmakers I know, I like to see people get together, watch a film and take action. That’s why I’m so excited to make a film which is designed to jump start a national campaign. It’s fair to say that out of more than 50 documentaries I have made in 27 years as a filmmaker, this is one of those rare situations where the story is so extraordinary that it may well have more impact than any thing else I have produced. That’s because the experience of post traumatic stress in our returning veterans is coupled with the story of an extraordinary woman, Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, a therapist who has her own story to tell about her family’s struggle with mental illness. I like to refer to Barbara as a rocket ship because she is one of those people who makes things happen. And she plans to use this film to help launch a national conversation about mental illness and wellness.